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Display Images

Display Mode

EdgeView display single image in window by default. But user change display mode.

  1. Display single image. It’s default.
  2. Display double images side by side. If you want this way, enable [View>Two-Page Spread] in menu.
  3. Select [View>Fit to Window], then fit image to window size. It’s default. If user resize window, image will be resized to fit to window.
  4. Select [View>Fit to Width], then fit image width to window width.
  5. Select [View>Actual Size], then display image as actual size.
  6. Select [View>Continuous Scroll Vertically], then display images continuously like as Web Toon. It take a time for calculating whole layout.
    • User can change spacing between images in continuous view mode from [View>Spacing Between Images] sub menu. Default is none.’
    • Additionally, you can show spread images by select [View>Continuous Scroll Vertically (Spread)]. Show direction will be follow [View>Right to Left] option.
  7. Select [View>Continuous Scroll Horizontally], then display images horizontally . Show direction will be follow [View>Right to Left] option.


EdgeView display images as left to right by default. In this mode, left is previous direction, right is next direction. Thumbnailsbar also show images as left to right. Progressbar’s direction is left to right, too.
But user can change direction as right to left by enabling [View>Right to Left] from menu. In right to left mode, left is next direction, right is previous direction. Thumbnailsbar and progressbar is changed to right to left, too. Also, shortcuts that contains left/right cursor keys will be swapped key.

  • In example, previous shortcut key is ←, and next shortcut key is → in left to right mode. But if user enable right to left mode, previous shortcut key will be changed to →, and next shortcut key will be ←


User can change sorting type and order from [Sort] menu. If user change sort type or order, EdgeView rearrange images immediately.
Default sort type is name, order is ascending.

Full Screen

User can turn on [View>Show only image in Full Screen] from menu.
If this option was turned on, EdgeView will automatically hide sidebar/toolbar/statusbar when enter to full screen mode. And revert sidebar/toolbar/statusbar when exit from full screen.