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  • Background Color
    • Can change background color of Image Viewer.
  • Animation Transition and Transition Duration
    • If check off ‘Animation Transition’, animation effect will be gone when move images.
    • Change duration of transition animation.
  • Detect Landscape
    • Even in ‘Two-Page Spread’ mode, EdgeView show landscape image separately. User can change detection ratio of landscape image.
  • Hide Cursor Automatically
    • If check this option, hide cursor after specified time from mouse/keyboard events occurred.
  • Remove File
    • EdgeView display alert when user try to remove file. But if you turn off ‘Show Alert’ option, don’t show alert.
    • If you check ‘Open Next File Automatically’, EdgeView try to open next file when file was removed.
Advanced Option
  • Image Cache Count
    • Improve image transition performance if increase this count. But if you don’t have sufficient memory, please don’t increase this value.
  • Display Image
    • EdgeView 3 display normal image first, then change to high quality image for performance and quality.
    • If user choose ‘Only Normal Quality Image’, EdgeView 3 display only normal quality image. It removes flickering while display image, but it disable ‘Scaling Quality’ options.
  • High Quality Image Tile Size
    • Determine high quality image tile size. Default is 1,024 pixel and minimum is 256 pixel. If you choose ‘Only High Quality Image’, and set to tile size as 256 pixel, can see spread effect while change pictures.