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  • Click to
    • If select ‘Drag and Select’, user can select part of image by mouse dragging.
    • If select ‘Drag and Drop’, user can drag image to other apps for copying.
    • If select ‘Move’, user can move previous/next by clicking half of image.
    • If select ‘Drag to Scroll’, user can drag to scroll images in zoom or continuous mode.
  • Trackpad
    • If check off ‘Use Swipe as Wheel’, trackpad swipe will work as mouse wheel scrolling.
    • If you use Logitech MX Master and installed ‘Logitech Options’ software, please check this option.
  • Scroll Wheel
    • If check ‘Always Navigate Images’, then wheel works for only navigate images. User can’t scroll images even in zoom or continuous mode.
    • Also user can determine scroll wheel direction for image navigation.