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EdgeView support various ways of navigation

  • First, user can move previous/next image by selection [Navigate>Move Previous] / [Navigate>Move Next] from menu.
  • Move previous/next by swipe trackpad horizontrally.
  • Move previous/next by mouse wheel scrolling.
  • Move previous/next by input left/right cursor key, shortcuts of [Navigate>Move Previous] / [Navigate>Move Next].
    • User can change these shortcut keys from Preferences.
  • User can select image to move using with [Navigate>Move to…] command.
  • User can move previous/next by clicking image area, if set to ‘Click to>Move’ from [Viewer] tab of Preferences.
    • In left to right mode, click left half of image is move to previous image. Click right half of image is move to next image.
    • In this mode, Command+Click is work as skip image, Shift+Click is shift image, Option+Click is open previous/next file.
    • But in right to left mode, it works oppositely.